Simple Ultra

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10 Diapers in every pack!

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Simple Ultra

Doing More With Less

Be the first to get your hands on Simple Ultra! Reserve today and your order will ship on or before April 6th!

Simple Ultra features our new super absorbent diaper (PeekABU shell) without the flare! If you love the plain white diaper look and want to enjoy our new revolutionary absorbency core; Simple Ultra is for you!

The Features:

  • All White Diaper
  • 4 Tapes
  • 10% Lighter than our Premium diaper line
  • 20% Thinner than our Premium diaper line
  • Absorb 25% More (6250ml) than our Premium diaper line

*Get a $5 Gift Code For Every 2 Sample Diapers of any brand In your Cart
*Discount Code will appear on your shipped invoice

*This diaper WILL cause waddling when decently wet!

Simple Ultra Diaper Features

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